Sunday, May 09, 2010

National Security Scandal Under Gag Order - Arabs and Israel-Haters up in arms

I don't live in Israel, and as far as I know blogger platform isn't under the Israeli censorship rules. Still, the few facts I did find - I don't trust. What's obvious is that a certain head of an NGO which has had interviews expressing support of terror against Jews, and expressing desire to bring Israeli heads of state to intl' world crimes court - that specific person is behind bars.

The Arab leadership in Israel are making a big fuss and are planning massive demonstration claiming this is anti-democratic and only a case of political persecution.

On the other hand - the Shin-Bet arrested the guy with secretive security related evidence obtained while he was strolling the PA's A controlled area. AKA - Fatahland. The headline on JPost clearly says 'National Security Case'.

Can a sovereign nation's citizen really act in aid of its enemies without repercussion? Can an entire population? Are the marches and demonstrations going to do any good in improving relations between Arabs and Jews and in support of reputation of Arabs?

Here's JPost's article: Fury over new nat'l security case
A new security-related affair is causing a firestorm within the Israeli Arab community and has reignited a furious debate on secrecy and national security.

The latest episode comes only weeks after authorities lifted a media ban on a Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) investigation into former IDF clerk Anat Kamm, who is accused of stealing thousands of classified army documents during her service at the army’s Central Command headquarters in the capital’s Neveh Ya’acov neighborhood, and leaking a number of them to Haaretz.

Here's an article by a Jewish - pro-Peace group in Canada: Man Behind Security Gag Revealed (including interview with the suspect from 2008, during cast-lead)

Here's some propaganda by Arabs, antisemites and self loathing 'pro-peace, pro-Hamas' Jews: here, here, here, and here.

Some recent actions against Israel by notorious saint-hate-da-jews: here

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