Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Media's insane spin for Hamas: A modern Robin Hood

How about telling the truth? Modern Adolf Hitler combined with some Stalinism...

Cash-strapped Hamas forces mimic Robin Hood, seizes Palestinian property
The Hamas regime has been seizing property believed owned or operated by the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources said Hamas security forces have taken over scores of vacant apartments or homes in the Gaza Strip in 2010. The sources said the properties were believed to have been abandoned by PA officials when they fled the Gaza Strip during the Hamas takeover in 2007.

"We take money from the rich to give the poor not vice versa," Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said on May 1. "The nature of the taxes that are imposed by the government is that they are few and not much."

Some of the confiscated apartments were located in the upscale neighborhood of Rimal in Gaza City. Many of the occupants had been PA and Fatah officials who either fled or were killed during the Hamas takeover in 2007.

"Hamas knows exactly who ran away and who left property," a Palestinian source said. "They have decided to allow Hamas officers to live in them."

The sources said the Hamas policy would affect more than 1,000 houses, apartments and other assets left behind by the exiled PA officials. Most of those who fled the Hamas takeover were members of the PA security forces, including the Preventive Security Apparatus, Military Intelligence, General Intelligence Services and the Presidential Guard.

"In some cases, those who fled left behind others who moved in and kept the apartments," the source said. "Those being occupied by Hamas officers and officials are those that have been vacant for at least a year."

The sources said Hamas planned to intensify its confiscation of assets by absentee PA officials and Fatah members. They said Hamas, amid a cash flow crisis, has begun seizing apartments vacant for less than six months.

The sources said Hamas has also justified the seizure of apartments owned by Fatah members accused of economic crimes. They cited the case of Aliya Aweida, who found her apartment taken over by a Hamas police officer in April 2010. The Hamas Interior Ministry said Ms. Aweida's father, Said, who owned the apartment, had been charged with embezzlement.

One needs not wonder too much why there's economic mayhem in Hamastan. After all, Israel kept putting resources in attempts to build economic ties and infrastructure in hopes of future economic peace - only to find Gush-Katif plantations torn apart and turned to Kassam Rockets. Only to find Erez industrial zone turn into homicide bombing target. Factory owners murdered by Arab employees. And Fatah themselves right now boycotting employment in Jooooish factories in West Bank, as well as boycott of Jooooooish merchandise.

To that one has to remember that Hamas continues sponsoring terror, continues to hold Gilad Shalit captive without the basic intl' human rights kept. But - hey - Robit Hood is a victim of some 'unjustness'.

Of course, it is not Israel who is maintaining a fake 'blockade' - Hamastan has a border with Egypt - the only problem is they keep murdering Egyptian soldiers, smuggle arms and plan terror attacks within Egypt.

The fruits of terror are on display while the media's tiny violin keeps playing for the murderers in the helms at Gaza (and west bank).

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