Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Evil zionists send 14,000 tons of pure evil to Gaza

Fuel, gas, food, hygiene products and medical supplies - now that's a blockade for you.

An appropriate thank-you from innocent soles at Gaza - terrorism.
IDF sends 14,000 tons of aid to Gaza
Over 14,000 tons of humanitarian aid were transferred from Israel into the Gaza Strip last week, the IDF announced on Tuesday in its weekly summary of COGAT operations.

"A total of 637 truckloads, consisting of 14,069 tons of humanitarian aid, were transferred into the Gaza Strip from Israel via the various crossings," read a statement by the IDF Spokesperson.

According to the statement, the shipments consisted of hundreds of thousands of liters of fuel; 21 truckloads of milk formula and baby food; 897 tons of cooking gas, 66 truckloads of fruits and vegetables; 51 truckloads of wheat, 27 truckloads of meat, poultry and fish; 40 truckloads of dairy products; 117 truckloads of animal food; 37 truckloads of hygiene products; 22 truckloads of sugar; and 38 truckloads of clothing and shoes.

In addition, 781 medical patients the Gaza Strip crossed into Israel and the West Bank along with their chaperones for medical treatment. Into Gaza, meanwhile, went four truckloads of medicine and medical equipment.

Aside from humanitarian and medical supplies, 191 staff members of international organizations crossed into the Gaza Strip, and 202 crossed from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

Those insidious Jews again... that explains why British artists support Hezbollah, Hamas and dupe Israelis to buy their tickets before they cancel gigs.

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