Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What did I miss?

With being very busy at work - and very blocked from internet while busy, I only get to check for headlines at home. My Google-Reader subscriptions has ballooned to 500+ messages over the last two days. With all that - I'm thinking, did I really miss out on that much?

From what I gathered the following really frightening things did happen:
* Syria threatens to invade and take over Israeli towns.
* Iran launches long range missile.
* Egypt exposes Israel's attempts to plan attack on Iran.
* Berluskony a star in Israel
* Hamas floating bombs onto Israeli ports
* Some Palin/Beck/Obama/Rahm/Huffington/Commercials/Abortions/Healthcare thing going on - is any of it really important? (not the subject - just the latest headlines)
* Haiti. Still need your help.
* Economy. Still. Sucks.

I will probably not blog for another week... unless I see something really important. Have a nice, safe and calm February.

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