Monday, February 15, 2010

Unions, Michigan, Democrats, Stealing away funds from home day care

You can't twist and turn about this and not get steamingly pissed off.

Hey - what kind of freedom is there in America if you are forced to be part of a union? You can't 'quit and work somewhere else' - when it's your home, you are the employee and the employer.

And look at those people who are running this union - look at that fat money grabbing slob! He looks like a scammer. He woke up one day and said 'hey, let's hustle the self employed through our corrupt legislators'. Good thing the Democrats where there to fight corruption and guard the flood gate facilitate, aid and abet as they themselves get funded by this public theft.

Yea - so I went off topic again, not Israel, not terrorism, not antisemitism, not Jihadis - just good'ol Michigan sucks so much post. It's just that I feel cheated. The land of the free? Is this what's America about? I know first hand that it is just the tip of the iceberg with Michigan corruption and idiotic child care laws. Just as anyone with children here should know.

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