Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A note regarding 'secret sources', and terror rumors

Several blogs have picked up on a story saying that there's proof that the Ethiopian plane which crashed after taking off from Beirut was a terror attack by Al Quaeda.

I don't know if that's true but I have several rules I live by which cause me severe doubt:

A. Never trust a single story coming out of Lebanon. In the land of cedar, everyone has a motive, every story contains 20% truth, 80% lies. I have examples aplenty if you're really interested.

B. Never trust the site, especially when there's no collaborating source. It's one guy in an apartment in Jerusalem, connecting news-wire stories, to yeshiva rumors and very active imagination. Sure - when you spray with your machine gun all over the place - you might hit on target every now and then. It is likely he picked up a Shiite based rumor and made it his 'absolute certainty factual proof'.

C. When there are several conspiratory roots to a claim, it is very unlikely to be true. So... they wanted to get Nasrallah who was on route to Ethiopia? REALLY?! The French ambassador's wife was flying coach. Alone. TO ETHIOPIA?! REALLY?!

D. When a 3rd world country's plane crashes - it might be terror - but it could very well be quality of maintenance. (There are proven and known cases of terror based crashes which were hushed down, review items A,B and C to understand why this is likely not the case)

Notice how everyone in the land of militias and terror groups likes to point fingers at virtually non-existing terror group in Lebanon. How convenient. Especially when the Sunni son of a murdered leader is kissing his father's murderer butt, and bends nicely to his new Shiite overlords.

For your consideration.

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