Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Iranian tourist minister invites Israelis to tour his awesome nation

My only conclusion from this is, they have great weed in Iran - and that guy's a big pot-head.

Israeli, Iranian tourism ministers meet
Tourism Minister Stas Meseznikov was in Madrid on Wednesday to formally open the Israeli exhibit at the International Tourism Trade Fair. While there he met, talked and shook hands with his Iranian counterpart.

"As opposed to the cold reaction I received from the Syrian representatives when I approached their stall, the Iranians came out to greet me," said Meseznikov in a phone interview from Madrid.

"While the Syrians turned their backs to us and made it clear that we were not welcome, the Iranian exhibit manager shook my hand warmly and gave me a tour of the Iranian booth and told me about the sites they had on display. He then invited me, informally of course, to visit Iran so that I would get a chance to see the archeological sites and ancient cities first-hand. I told him I sincerely hoped I and the rest of the citizens of Israel would have the opportunity to visit Iran, provided the relationship between our countries allows for it."

Meseznikov stressed that the Iranians knew that they were speaking to Israeli officials. "They didn't hide or scurry away, they remained and talked to us pleasantly."

Meseznikov said that he also had the chance to meet and shake hands with the Iranian tourism minister, Hamid Baghaei, when the representatives of all the participating countries took part in a formal ceremony and the two stood next to each other.

"I introduced myself and we shook hands and talked for a while," said the minister. "I've always said that tourism, which tends to stress the positive over the negative and shows the pleasant side of the region, can be a bridge for peace."

Come visit our Hezbollah training camps... enjoy our death to America marches, what could go wrong?

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