Saturday, January 09, 2010

Filth and Geeks in Las Vegas

No, I'm no Johnny Depp, and no psychedelic drugs involved...

Guess the crappy hotel to match this 'decor'....

Finally! Internet! In Las Vegas airport, soon I'll be with my family in snow covered Michigan.

I was unfortunate enough to stay at Sahara while attending CES, for your amusement - here's the decor I had to endure in my unlit room (the room lighting was not working, and no one cared to fix despite complaints). Another side affect of staying in Sahara, their 'in room internet service' works right up to the point where you try to pay them. And then it dies.

I'd like to congratulate my office's IT department, for blocking me from using the internet for a couple of weeks now - and while I'm on the road - blocking my work email. Great Job guys - I wouldn't personally hire you to serve me fries at McDonald.

Other Topic But Important
So - I'm trying to catch up to my blogger friend's postings at Zip's, and found this charming nugget:
Blatant Anti-Semitism on C-Span: "All These Jews With Way Too Much Power Pushing America Into Wars With Muslims"...
A caller on a C-Span interview program Monday complained about "all these Jews" having "way too much power" in America and pushing the U.S. into wars with the Muslim world. He found his comments echoed and expanded upon by the studio guest.

Michael Scheuer, the former director of a CIA unit assigned to track down Osama Bin-Laden, calmly expressed the view that American soldiers are now dying in Iraq for the sake of Israelis. He further claimed that any debate of American support for Israel is squelched in the public sphere.

The interviewer for C-Span's Washington Journal programdid not react to the blatantly anti-Semitic exchange. Several other callers praised Scheuer for his position regarding Israel, adding their own condemnation of the Jewish State and its supporters.

May I suggest people flood Fox News with requests to stop interviewing this anti-semite Michael Scheuer? I know he's a big 'buddy-buddy' with Beck and Oreilly. Somehow they still didn't get the memo...

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