Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jews at gathering boo Democrats and cheer Republicans

Is this a massive earthquake in the landscape of group based voters in the US? Does this incident really represent a wide shift to "pull out" of the democratic party by Jews?

The actual referenced "opinion" post on Yahoo!news is horrible, what's the meaning of words like these:"By speaking to AIPAC, Pelosi is giving the organization legitimacy that it doesn't deserve." Really? If you disagree with the "anti-war" crowd - you are no longer legitimate. You are now more like a "Bastard Child". Perhaps its time someone makes a real poll - and not in reform synagogue in Beverly Hills and see what Jews today think of the Democrats. Try reminding people first about Obama's latest pledge to finance Palestinians, or Edwards' kind words about the real danger to world peace, or simple browse through the left's new bible: the daily Kos - the Antisemitic left. Eventually Jews do wake up and smell the Anti-Semites. They smell like corrupt "pull out" Murtha-s and "double speak blinky" Pelosi. (Not that they are Anti-Semite, but are promoted by and implement their agenda)

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