Friday, January 27, 2006

Wait - I can see the future - it's all dark

Here are a few unbelivable things that WILL happen whether we like ot or not:
1. Hamas will rule the nazi PA
2. Israel will allow it
3. Israel will keep paying the nazis sallaries, so will Europe and the US, whatever the horrible excuse will be.
4. Israel will be pressured to negotiate with terrorists. Israel will make more concessions
5. Israel will be blamed for every drop of blood spilled by Palestinians. Jews or Arabs, it will always be Israel's fault.
6. The world press, world left forums, academia throughout europe and the US will celebrate Hamas's rule and continue to blame Jews for everything wrong in the world.
7. A few more golden globe and oscars would be given to terrorist causes.
8. The Israelis will elect a new lefti government. One which will do nothing to stop terror until the daily toll becomes too horrible to endure.
9. Although the Israeli government will do nothing to protect Israel's Jewish residents, it will be portraid throughout the world as child murderers of poor PA-s.

Does this sound a brave new world too hard to imagine? Review the news reports from the latest few years. It already has.

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