Thursday, January 26, 2006

How about letting the IRA rule Ireland while indorsing terror against Brits?

In this well predicted horror show, the group leading the march to exterminate Jews has won parliament control in the Palestinian Authority. A “successful” result of Bush’s agenda to promote democracy in the Middle East. It is redundant to discuss whether or not this is desired to anyone. It is, however, comparable to the rise of the Nazis. This is the result of the stupid policy of George W Bush.

Where have you brought us Bush? Deep in the terror mud in Iraq, Hezbollah is still in power in Lebanon, The US is reluctant to take any measures against the Iranians due to its situation in Iraq, and now this: Nazis in control over a state-like entity.

Are we in a war against Terror, or for it? In the test of time – did we promote peace and democracy, or advance terror, Islam and theocracy?

Hamas is now in control over Bethlehem. The Christian Arabs under rule of the PA will now suffer an even greater oppression. The end result of the Oslo accords was supposed to be the deliverance of old Jerusalem with its holy places to the PA. That includes ALL the churches in Jerusalem. ALL the churches in Jerusalem would now be placed under extremely militant Islamic rule.

Thanks FAGS!

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