Sunday, January 29, 2006

How long has passed? Does anyone care or even remember the victims at Tel Aviv?

Shawarma Mayor. Another scene of a horrific act of genocide ideology driven Nazi PA-s, has been erased from the minds of world news consumers. The main stream media is too busy explaining to the world that Hamas are good and Israel is bad. "Paradise Now" is good, self defense is bad. "Democracy" with terrorists is good - common sense is bad.

People - how can it be forgotten? How come victims of modern Jihad are let to bleed alone in the dark without a helping and comforting hand?

Last week we were informed that the elections in the Nazi-PA were a good thing by the president of the United States. He made this statement in between getting baffled by a microphone and a video camera hanging loose above his head. This is because the Yale graduate who cannot form a single coherent sentence cannot bring himself to admit how disastrous his policies are. Be a man bush - make one single act of compassion in your term. Go visit some victims in Hospitals. There are many flavors to choose from. FEMA victims - who were abandoned by the government at their worst time of need, soldiers coming back from Iraq, Iraqis in hospitals, Israelis, and many more surviving tokens to this administration's inaction and idiocy. All I'm asking is some compassion. Remember the victims. They are people, stop sweeping human suffering under the rug, burring your head in the sand, and then tell us all that the Hamas victory is legitimate.

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