Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jon Stewart has a problem with IDF succesfully protecting Jews, warning Gaza family members of terrorists before bombing

What a terrible excuse for a human being. What a terrible - terrible ass hole. Unbelievable. Try telling these jokes straight to the face of children of Sderot who hadn't had a quiet night in 10 fucking years. Millionaire, elitist, "Jew when it suits him" hypocrite douche bag!

Jon “I’m a Jew When I Need To Be” Stewart Has a Problem With Israeli Technology
Israel has developed an app that will serve as an early missile warning for its citizens, saving lives.

The Israelis, as a courtesy and humanitarian effort, when they retaliate against Arab aggression, send small bombs in first to warn citizens so they can evacuate.

Stewart has a problem with this. This is fodder for mockulatory criticism, and his a-hole audience gleefully applauds on cue.

Jerks, all.

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