Monday, June 18, 2012

Terror from Egypt, Rocket from Gaza, Evil Muslim Brotherhood takes over in Egypt proclaiming "Califate with capital in Jerusalem"

Tick-tock, sitting on a barrel of explosive, playing with matches.

South border clash leaves civilian, terrorists dead
And Israel advanced tanks...
Said Phashpashe, 36, from Haifa, a civilian working on the Israel-Egypt security fence, was killed Monday in a terror attack on the southern border. Golani soldiers who were scrambled to the area engaged the cell, killing two terrorists.

The IDF said that the terrorists targeted two vehicles used by defense contractor crews building the new border fence. The attack included the use of an RPG rocket, explosives and artillery fire.

Gazastan, begging for yet more pounding:
Gaza rocket fired towards Hof Ashkelon Region Council
A rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip towards the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. Authorities are yet to locate rocket. No injuries or damage were immediately reported

Surprise! The hateful crazies are taking over Israel's peace partner, promising war:
Muslim Brotherhood Claims Victory in Egyptian Presidential Election

The Muslim Brotherhood has declared that its candidate, Mohammed Morsi, won Egypt’s presidential election.

Morsi “is the first civilian, popularly elected Egyptian president,” the group says on its website.

The declaration was based on returns the Brotherhood reported from 95 percent of the more than 13,000 polling stations nationwide. The returns showed Morsi with 52 percent of the vote, his opponent former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq with 48 percent. A million votes separated the two, which a Brotherhood spokesman said the remaining votes could not overcome the difference for Shafiq.

This will not end well...

Egyptian Cleric Claims Muslim Brotherhood Presidential Candidate Will Make Jerusalem ‘The Capital of the Caliphate’

Higazi, apparently speaking at a campaign rally for Muslim Brotherhood Presidential candidate Mohammed Mursi, spends much of the video predicting that Mursi will help reform what he calls the “United States of Arabs” – a highly ironic shorthand for what, it gradually becomes clear, is meant to be a second Caliphate. In fact, Higazi even uses the word “Caliphate” to describe his ambitions: ...

More frightening still, Higazi isn’t some crank with a microphone. After he vows that the capital of the Caliphate “will be Jerusalem,” a titanic cheer goes up from the crowd, which looks to contain thousands of people. He continues on in similar fashion...

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