Sunday, June 24, 2012

Did Egypt's Omar Suleiman flee? West's bastion against Al-Qaeda has fallen, with White House encouragement

These lunatics can't be any more clear regarding their intention, they want a caliphate, they want to conquer Jerusalem and the Vatican, they want the US destroyed. But hey, aren't we lucky to have the moron in chief Obama as president whom report after report has mentioned to have pushed for this outcome.

Egypt’s Omar Soliman flees to UAE, activists fear helping anti-change crackdown
After news reports mentioned on Friday that Egypt’s Omar Soliman’s family flew to the United Arab Emirates to be by his side, Egyptian activists expressed worries that this is a masked political asylum for the much-hated former intelligence chief and Vice-President, whom many describe as a war criminal.

Soliman was the fearless head of the Egyptian intelligence from 1993 and until the Egyptian revolution brought an end to the corrupt regime he helped protect.
Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi wins Egyptian presidential election
White House congratulates Egypt's Morsi

Cleric Introduces Egypt's New President: Our Capital 'Shall Be Jerusalem, Allah Willing'

Congratulation America, Carter the 2nd has succeeded just as well as Carter the 1st. The 1st has brought the Shiite loonies to power in Iran, the 2nd has replaced a western ally with Al-Qaeda.

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