Sunday, March 11, 2012

Observing what role is Egypt playing in the new Gaza rocket and terror wave...

You got to read it all to get a full picture of what is going on. To me it sounds like Egypt is supporting and attempting to prolong the violence.

Gaza terror group: Egypt warned us before al -Qaisi killing
Popular Resistance Committees spokesman says Egyptian intel officials warned Israel was planning to kill group's secretary general. Adds: No truce yet because 'blood of the fallen in Gaza has yet to dry'

According to Mujahid, about a month ago top PRC terrorists met with Egyptian intelligence officials - who warned that al-Qaisi's life was in danger. "Despite the warnings, we were not told to halt our activities, but they did stress that we must operate only from Gaza and refrain from using the Sinai Peninsula or other Egyptian-ruled areas (to carry out attacks on Israel)," said the spokesman.


Everyone is talking as if there's no options but wait for truce... I say - no - you can take Gaza back and keep it clean of rockets. Occupation was never the cause, always the solution to Arab Muslim terror.

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