Monday, March 12, 2012

Let's face it, Israel's so called "pounding of Gaza" is lame in face of obvious war crimes

Deliberate bombardment of civilian population for no other reason than attempt to murder. That's a war crime:

Ashdod Under Attack ‘Like Never Before’
Over the past three days, Gaza terrorists have launched over 150 attacks on southern Israel. The city of Ashdod has been targeted more often than it was even at the height of the Cast Lead campaign, residents say.

As the situation in southern Israel escalated and dozens of rockets were fired from Gaza, Arutz Sheva visited the city of Ashdod, one of many cities in the area hit by a barrage of rockets.

The citizens expressed their frustration at the ongoing situation and called on the government to do more for them.

And yet, as predicted, every news outlet out there inverses the reportage - it is Israel that is the aggressor:
CBS News: 3 killed as Israel continues strikes on Gaza

CNN: Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza for a 4th day

Fox News: Toll from Israel Gaza strikes now 15 militants

LA Times: Death toll increases in Gaza-southern Israel clashesq

MSNBC: Worst Gaza flare-up in months kills 14, Palestinians say

NY Times: Gaza Fighting Continues, Despite Truce Efforts

Washington Post: Fighting between Israel, Gaza continues without signs of letting up
This is intolerable. There's only one action that could make sense - take Gaza back, kill the terrorists.

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