Sunday, December 19, 2010

Arabs murder US tourist in Israel, wound another, blame Israel for failed 'peace'

Why do you keep making them murder people? Shame on you... shame.

Body of U.S. tourist found near Jerusalem; police suspect terror attack

Christine Logan disappeared on Saturday, when she and a Jerusalem-area friend were stabbed by assailants while hiking at an archaeological site; her friend, Susan Kaye Wilson, was hospitalized in moderate condition.

Continuing on their peaceful blitz, Arabs shoot mortars at Israeli civilians again:
4 mortar shells hit south; no injuries
Mortars hit open areas in western Negev, south of Ashkelon day after IDF kills five terrorists in Gaza

Quick, let's grovel to the 'peaceful' leaders...
* 100 Israelis meet Abbas in Ramallah
* Mubarak blames Israel for deadlocked talks

Must be something the Jews did, it's always something the Jews did.

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