Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kus Emo (not Kassam) hits Israel - no electric power in Sderot, Lefty courts prevents darkening Gaza

First, I'd like to protest the adaptation of nick names Arabs impose on the Israeli media. Kassam Rockets. How about just saying rockets, must the propaganda value be emphasized by media outlets? Here's a suggestion play with the name - Kus Emo Rockets. I'm sure Arabs understand that pejorative term pretty well.

Second, Israeli supreme courts are in full frenzy to prevent Israel from having any means of deterrent against the blood thirsty vampires of Gaza. The Muslim scumbags bombard an Israeli city and takes away their electricity, Israel can't even turn off the light in Hitler's bunker thanks to the crazy lefty courts.

Third, What kind of a government abandons it's borders and allows a terrorist buildup feet away from working farms - then awakens one day surprised when a sniper in cold blood murders a farming volunteer from south America?! Keep those monkeys in their cage and take away their weapons for good. Oslo was a mistake, Rabin said it would be reversed if failed - It's high time the incredibly stupid left fulfill one commitment to the Israeli population and not the terrorist Arab gangs. Take over Gaza, take out the Murderers, NEVER GIVE IT BACK TO THOSE SCUM BAGS AGAIN!

The courts have allowed "reduction" in fuel and some trade sanctions, however the power station in Ashkelon continues to supply the fourth Reich in Gaza with electricity despite the fact that the monkey Nazis continue to bomb Ashkelon. Israel can't and doesn't turn off the light in Hitler's bunker because of the insane liberals who impose imaginary international laws against the safety of Israeli Jews.

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