Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Expert finds blame not in Islam - for once he could be right

Danial Pipes discussing a McGill University professor's new book

Very good read and an established point of view. If only more were willing to try to find the faults of the Middle East within that region and not blame it on the West and "Colonialism". I agree, the nature of Arabs - tribalism, not just their religion is part of what sets them back. Instead of a full book though, I call it as I see it - savages.

The book does not discuss the religion, but I will. The religion and the Arab mentality complement each other. The evilness and savagery of both has no parallel. I'll elaborate - so that these words not echo as if they come out of ignorance.

All of the following are bleak signs of savagery by modern standards: Genocidal hate to the "others", polygamy and honor murders as a checks and balance system for prosperity through fertility, a mentality of us against them regardless of who is at fault, blood vengeance, shahada (martyr through murder), ashura (hit yourself in the streets to let blood spill), taqiya (deception), public slaughter of animals, abduction - beheading - raping and force conversions, murder of apostates, temporary marriage (religiously justified prostitution)... and believe it or not - there's always more. Savage behavior knows no boundaries.

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