Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Obama and Kerry holding a Jew hostage in exchange for Arab terrorists who murdered Americans?

This is an upside down world - and the current regime is the worst possible. If Polard has served his time for the crimes he has done, which I believe he most probably has after 30 years - then he should not be held hostage by Obama! And if for some reason this spy - who spied for a friendly state - Israel, should serve his whole life while every soviet spy was already released - then why is he a hostage in exchange for Arab murderers? Why is the USA government acting like Hamas terrorists?!

Pollard doesn't want to be freed for Palestinian terrorists, says Bayit Yehudi minister

After weeks of speculation that convicted spy could be included as sweetner to Israel, Housing Minister Uri Ariel tells Army Radio that Pollard opposes such a 'shameful deal'.

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