Thursday, March 06, 2014

Just in case you forget it, Israel still suffers from almost daily terror attacks

This isn't news. Israel's response to terror is news. Which as an axiom, a statement of undeniable fact, is redundant to repeat. And yet, must be repeated and stressed. Because the sheeples of this world are stupid and hateful.

3/6/2014: Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket at Sderot
3/5/2014: Gaza terrorists fired a rocket at southern Israel, but that rocket exploded within Gaza
3/5/2014: Hezbollah attempts to plant bomb on Syrian-Israeli border
3/3/2014: Gaza rocket fired at Ashkelon coast
3/1/2014: Rockets Land in Mount Hermon; None Injured (likely by Hezbollah)

Sources: here, here, here and here.

You might hear a wimp about these attacks once Israel responds.

A house in Sderot hit by Qassam rocket. 2007

A very good article on the subject of rocket attacks on Israel, found on Wikipedia: here (source of image). BTW: Article requires a valid update for 2014, and a detailed list of all rocket attacks.

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