Thursday, February 06, 2014

Glenn Beck: Obama, Kerry, Oxfam - conspire to boycott Israel

I'm sure at some point audio will surface of this, I'll be happy to link to it.

Right now on Glenn Beck radio show, he provided the following details:
* John Kerry and Thereza Heintz contributed to Oxfam and Tides, Tides contributed to Oxfam.
* Oxfam was co-founded by Samantha Powers - who was later hired by Obama. She came up with "responsibility to protect the poor Palestinians from genocide by Jews".
* Oxfam works to boycott Israel alltogether
* Kerry issued "boycott" warning to Israel if it doesn't surrender to Obama's kaka peace plan, in a way many understood to mean he doesn't condemn such boycotts.

Etc.... etc...

So, is it as Beck puts it? Is Obama secretly working to enact European boycott on Israel?

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