Saturday, November 05, 2011

OWS turn to Israeli consulate in Boston

Inspired by Cairo demolition of Israeli embassy and siege of its 6 occupants?

So a group of communists, supported by radical CAIR Muslims, funded by Obama's ACORN, saturated with anti-Semites who boast their American Nazi affiliation - those people march on and invade Israeli consulate building lobby in Boston. How quick do all these anarchists from Cairo to Boston turn directly against Jews.

Side note: the Israeli variety of the OWS - the social justice - residential crisis protest - funded and led by same groups as OWS, that one is falling apart - as it appears many Israelis are not in ease sitting with people who refuse to sing the national anthem, have a problem with Israel's flag - and generally keep making insane proclamation - that's Daphne Leaf and her cohorts. (From this weekend's Israel Hayon edition)

More details about the incident at Powerline Blog, with video of loons: Occupy Boston/Hinderaker illustrated

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