Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Commy Loony Wall Street Protesters Show Unabashed Anti-Semitism

They tried to create some impression with statements like 'just like in Egypt, Tahrir square, this is our spring'. Well, they followed Egyptian protesters in one very particular path. I've heard some audio on the radio two days ago and can't find it - of someone screaming and yelling about 'Jew Bankers', 'Take the rich Jews money' and other crap. If I find it, I'll link. For now - here's a video of some loon with some sign and someone for some reason confronting him. I think that this protest is basically a bunch of escapees from an insane asylum, lead by a bunch of commy union leaders. I just wonder who is dumb enough to say - YEA, THEY'RE SO RIGHT, LET'S JOIN THEM, except of course, the obvious crop of clearly lunatic persons seen on the videos.

Check out the loony comments on an official post on the organizers' site:Concerns about antisemitism(
* ...There is nothing anti semitic about pointing out the fact that Israel has too much power in our government, pointing out that they are carrying out a long term protracted genocide against the palestinians, pointing out that their assorted control mechanisms and games are part of the elites over all con scam against the people. However. All of those things are off topic to a protest environment and those issues are far too hot and complicated to be dealt with on the street
* ... with all due respect and with all the effort I can to make this statement as nonconfrontational as possible, the public has every right to be outraged at the owners of the US Federal reserve and unfortunately the vast majority of this highly corrupt institution is owned by people from one particular country.
* ...rarara, so you know, your witch hunt makes you suspect. I was there when we chased out a guy with a sign that said "Jewish Bankers", but I was also there when we included a guy who held a sign that said "Zionist Pigs".

As much as lefties roll their eyes and say, it's not us - it's a few bad apples, it appears too many are comfortable to be among the most obvious worst of them all. As long as you support the fricken fist in solidarity with whatnot socialism bla-bla-bla... Oh yea, that kill the Jews thing... ha-ha-ha, didn't really happen did it?

PS, I'm only assuming - these are the hard-core left die hard Obama voters the DNC is so proud of.

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