Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Night in USA

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Personally - over the 10 years I've lived in the USA I've became a supporter of GOP, especially when the Democrats picked a Jeremayah Wright flock member as nominee, who later became president.

My wife is saying I'm too negative, well...

Barney Frank got re-elected, Reid is about to somehow win an election even though he is one of the most despised persons in the country, and I already know what the liberal spin will be tomorrow: "See, we kept key seats - it wasn't so bad. Let's keep steamrolling the country and pushing through legislation which no one read, no one understands, and most of the country opposes".

A big "F-U" from the Libs to those who enthusiastically went to the polls today.

P.S. Bob Beckel on Hannity right now already started the spin: "it could have been a lot worse... a lot of the senate races which were supposed to be republican races, it broke towards the democrats and made the races very close", hey Bob - why did you paint your hair purple today?

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