Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What happens when you bribe a snake to be your friend?

The recent meeting between Condi, Olmert and Abbas received small attention in the western media. To recap on what had happened in the last month:
1. A civil war broke between rival terrorists within the Palestinian Authority
2. The US and Israel provided weapons and "support funds" (bribery in plainer terms) to Abbas's terrorists to combat the "bad terrorists".
3. The Arab world, horrified by the idea that its depraved culture of glorifying murder could turn on itself BEFORE it eliminates Israel, decided to pay a larger bribe to Abbas's terrorists (Fatah) and sign the Mecca deal.

The Mecca deal, for those who did not bother to follow, is not a "unity government" as some portray but a surrender agreement. Abbas agrees to serve as a representative for Hamas's newer government while everybody pretends that it is not Hamas who are in control. Meanwhile, and regardless whether or not the US, Israel, and EU fund the PA, the Saudis will contribute some of their petro-dollars to pay the salaries of the PA terrorists.. err.. civil workers. There are more details, including military support, but it all means the same thing: Fatah and Abbas will switch "owners" and agree to be paid by Saudis instead of westerners, while Hamas is allowed to take over. The money will cushion the blow and the heads of the rival tribes (Mafia families) will be paid to keep the calm.

Abbas took the western money, pretended to defend his turf in the mafia world of the PA, provided empty promises of future peace agreement, keeping civil order etc, and turned around to give it all to Hamas.

Now he met with Olmert and Condi to tell them in plain Arabic (he won't stoop to show his knowledge of English and Hebrew): "Up Yours! Accept or else."

Surprised? It sure seemed that Olmert and Condi where. Shocked - to say the least. Giving new arms to terrorists apparently is not such a great idea. What happens when you bribe a snake? Will he not eventually turn to bite you? One does not rise to the point of "honor" among thieves and murderers without actually being one.

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