Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lebanon spiraling towards civil war

The latest news bits already start counting the wounded, the airport is blockaded and Beirut is under siege by the Shiite terror group Hezballah. This is a militant Islamic revolution in action.

One might mistakenly think it has to do with the war with Israel, or other external factors - I believe that it is all in an effort to save Bashar Assad's skin. He would have stood on trial by now for murder if it weren't for his terror pals. Apparently Shiite population scarcely operate their brain muscles to understand how they are used as puppets in the hands of loony murderers. This is not Shahada - yet this is how the Shiite Arab mind works. Contrary to their belief, there is no honor in stupidly using your family as cannons meat for protecting Syrian and Iranian tyrants. Had there been any rational to the Shiite gang, they would have thrown Nasrallah to a jail cell and started working on rebuilding their country.

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