Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What’s missing in our involvement with Iraq? Vision and problem solving

The rhetoric regarding how Iraq is advancing, and the residents have shown that they do not wish to participate in a civil war are blatant lies. One cannot ignore the daily news of deadly attacks and random bodies at the street. One cannot ignore what the leaders of the tribes and religion are saying. They are saying – fight!

And what do we do? Try to maintain the false unity of a country filled with brotherly hate. I am not surprised that the Iraqis hate each other. This is their culture. The false prophets who have told the west that Iraqis can unite have either intentionally mislead or forgot what its like.

After the world wars, the world leaders convened and authorized comities to provide suggestion on how to resolve national conflicts. The recommendation was usually to impose population exchanges and dismember countries into smaller nations. I am not a historian, and have little time to claim when and where did the following break apart, but they did, one way or another: Greece and Turkey, India and Pakistan, North and south Cyprus, Israel and Jordan. I do know that in most instances, the separation was not complete, and was done without agreement between sides. This lead to ongoing deadly conflicts. (Did you notice that in all cases the separation was between Muslims and non Muslims?)

More recently, In Yugoslavia, the world nations did not stop to try to keep the country united. Cheers were raised for Croatian independence, Bosnian, and most recent hails are raised for Kosovo.

Other similarities can be found in what used to be Czechoslovakia, were Czech, and the Slovaks, who share the same language, but differ in character sets (Latin versus Cyrillic), could not bear to share the same nation.

This brings me back to the topic of Iraq. A nation kept united for purposes of sharing profits from oil, while a slow creeping civil war seems inevitable. The hate in the minds of the Iraqis will sooner rather than later be pointed directly at us. I do not agree with those who say we are occupiers. But for the barbarians who butcher each other for not buttering their toast on the right side (see Dr. Sues), any excuse is a good excuse to perpetrate horrific violence, especially towards infidels as we are.

Divide and conquer. But instead of conquer – let them battle it out. Small fragments of former Iraq are a guarantee for a safer future and a safer world.

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