Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Are you ready for WW-III?

All Nevil Chamberlain Diplomacy efforts lead this kind of outcome.

I'll try to keep this as non "religious kook apocalypse" as possible. Mainly because I'm not religious, and I'm talking about a 2 day span hard news feed (so hopefully you can take the "kook" part off too):

CNN: N. Korea: No longer bound by 1953 truce

The perfect madman to start a horrifying shit storm.

Hotair/Foxnews: Krauthammer on North Korea: It’s time for Japan to go nuclear

Because what the world, Needs now, is Love - more nukes. I have the greatest respect for Krauthammer. I respectfully disagree.

New York Times (yes - those corrupt MoFos): Obama in Netanyahu’s Web

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, won the first round over President Barack Obama. That’s not good for American interests or for Israel’s long-term security.

All the overblown reciprocal compliments could not hide evident tensions — over Iran and Israel-Palestine and how the two are linked. In the end, Obama blinked.

The president ceded to Israeli pressure for a timetable on any Iran talks, saying a “reassessment” should be possible by year’s end (Israel had pressed for an October deadline). Obama talked of the possibility of “much stronger international sanctions” against Iran, undermining his groundbreaking earlier overture that included a core truth: “This process will not be advanced by threats.”

Obama also allowed Netanyahu to compliment him for “leaving all options on the table” — the standard formula for a possible U.S. military strike against Iran — when he said nothing of the sort. The president did, however, use that tired phrase in a Newsweek interview this month — another mistake given the unthinkable consequences of a third U.S. war front in the Muslim world.

Rabid hard lefty opinion aside, the analysis shows signs of "good news": Obama ceded both all options on the table and a deadline to groveling to Iran. So at a certain date - the diplomacy of "please, oh please, don't murder all the Jews" will end.

Bomb kills 30 at Pakistan spy HQ
While Paki-Hell government is claiming to be finished demolishing the Taliban "within days", the hard truth is - that Paki-Hell is still on the brink and the "Islamic Nuke" (the one we know about) might befall to the hands of Al-Qaeda.... WITHIN DAYS.

Trust these soldiers to save the world from a nuclear Al Qaeda?

Iranian propaganda "news agency" reports: Bolivia, Venezuela deny Israeli spook story - funny, Iranians quick to deny for Bolivia and Venezuela...

They're just hugging to feel each other's stiffy, that's all.

Hans Bricks - where art thou?!

And with this: I'll sign off for about two weeks as I head off to Israel for personal/business matters and will try my best not to blog.

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